106 & 110 Haight Cres, 646 Highlands Cres. Saskatoon

Customer's Comment : "We had a vinyl fence installed by this company last weekend. The installation was done quickly and the people working on it were very friendly. The fence looks great . We are so pleased with it.

I would recommend this company.    ----   Neil & Marti"

 1131 Korol Green, (Hampton Village) Saskatoon

 Mcclocklin Road, (Hampton Village), Saskatoon (condo, fence 300 feet)

 Rosewood, Saskatoon (7 houses, fence)

 274, 278 Whalley Cres. (Stonebridge), Saskatoon

 818, 822 Beechdale Cres. Saskatoon (3 houses, fence)